Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year


This year I have new azam that I want to continue writing in this blog. I want to share my life with others. Hopefully my study will be excellent compared to last year. This year I have a lot of dream that I want to achieve. no need to list la, coz takut x jd plak. this moment ni jer dpt tulis, coz I already sleepy. after this I want to share my summer experience here. this year, 1st time I celebrate new year outside Malaysia. quit nice experience to celebrate new year eve in TASMANIA. I also can watch firework at Sydney Opera House life via tv. Usually dpt tengok kat klcc jer. this year kat tv, I watch firework kat sydney plak. (of course la, dah duk kat Australia kan). C u all in the next entry plak.....

Happy New Year

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